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Foodbomb is the one-stop shop to order the avos and chook your restaurant, cafe or catering service needs to prepare that juicy tucker. Search products, compare suppliers, and order in minutes (we’ll time you) with your free Foodbomb account.

Foodbomb is the one-stop shop for foodservice venues to order wholesale food products. Search products, compare suppliers, and order anytime, anywhere.

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How Foodbomb works for foodservice venues
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4.9 over 184 reviews
Watch how it works
How Foodbomb works for foodservice venues
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star
4.9 over 184 reviews
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One platform for all your orders
With Foodbomb, you can:
  • Search products from over 19 categories
  • Browse and trial local suppliers
  • Compare pricing by product
  • Order from multiple suppliers with one payment
  • Drop fewer f-bombs in the kitchen
Avocado price comparison
Accounting integrations you can count on
We have all of your wholesale invoices flowing directly into your Xero or MYOB account daily so that you can spend less time (and money) doing the books and heaps more time in the kitchen.
    Choose how you pay
    No boring paperwork and no subscription or delivery fees, ever. We help you cut through the bulls*** of ordering with new suppliers.

    With several payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, ZIP and BombPay - our new Buy Now, Pay Later solution, there’s nothing standing in the way of your first Foodbomb order.
      Transparent and competitive
      We’re here to give you your buying power back. With hundreds of suppliers to compare, you’re sure to get the most transparent pricing around. And with exclusive Foodbomb specials, you can save on your fave fish and go-to garlic.
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        If you need it, we'll have it
        With over 50,000 products across 19 categories, you bet we’ll have what you need to keep your business running smoothly.
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        Ricardo Lemus
        Alma Avalon
        "Foodbomb makes all my ordering so much easier. I know my pricing upfront, I can trust the quality and the top up order feature is awesome - I just add items to my cart and boom, it's done!"
        Darshan Shrestha
        The Giant Bean
        "Foodbomb is a revolutionary platform that has given buying power back to small businesses like mine. The website is easy to navigate and search for the items that I’m after. I can also easily compare between suppliers. It is very reassuring knowing that there is always someone to help if there’s any issues with the product or delivery."
        Felix Clark
        Bellagio Cafe Waverley
        “Foodbomb has helped us save on our weekly produce bill. It is safe and easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone trying to streamline their ordering.”
        Ash Brennan
        The Regent &
        T'ash catering
        "I love Foodbomb, it's really f***ing simple."
        Chris Hulm
        Hunter Gatherer Bar and Eatery
        “Foodbomb has been a real difference-maker for us, we’re saving more than we ever thought we could and we don’t have to waste precious time speaking to multiple reps. Everything we need is right in front of us, and they are always happy to help us out with any questions we have. It’s been amazing.”

        Choose from hundreds of Australia's top suppliers

        We're here for you
        We get it - it’s not easy getting in contact with suppliers, especially when you’re also managing a restaurant.

        At Foodbomb, we’re here to do the dirty work for you. Any delivery issues or delays will be taken care of by our bombsquad.
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