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Meet the women driving change at the #1 hospo tech startup Foodbomb

Kiarne Steer

When first thinking about writing a piece about women working in tech and introducing the skilled and resourceful women at Foodbomb to the world, I was stuck with what is the purpose of this piece? Do I want it to be impactful? Yes. Do I want it to help create awareness? Yes. Can you guess what I did next? I turned to Google. 

To be honest, I was overwhelmed when I saw this. With over 3 billion search results for the exact phrase “Women in tech”, it can instantly feel overwhelming. The same can be said for anyone working in any industry, and truth be told…LIFE in general. 

Scrolling through the first few pages, words like “leadership”, “connection”, “inspire”, and “change” were everywhere. Bold and beautiful words that connected me with like-minded people whose questions also echoed my own; why aren’t businesses doing more to close the gender pay gap, how can we provide mentorship to everyone so that they can grow and what can we do to speed along internal change processes? 

The simplest answer to this is; I can help by taking action. 

Though this blog will be released on International Women’s Day March 8, 2022, its purpose is to not only make light of the current bias, stereotypes and discrimination that women around the world are experiencing. It was written to help create awareness of the skilled, educated and resourceful women working in tech (all year round). 

From customer management and supplier experience to data science, designing kick a** user experience, marketing and all things finance, the women at Foodbomb are cutting through the BS surrounding women in tech. 

PS: All of the responses are about the below questions 

  • What’s your story?
  • Why did you make a change?
  • What does your role entail?
  • What do you love about your job 

Meet some of the team

Jessie Ellison - Customer Support Manager 

I had rockstar dreams when I was younger to be the best Chef in Sydney. I have worked in many kitchens as a chef, sous chef and head chef throughout Sydney and the Blue Mountains. I was also lucky to be named the 'Tasting Success' mentee and NOMA Australia Student Success winner. 

Cheffing was very hard, physically and mentally; I love the industry but knew that my place wasn’t in the kitchen. So, I started pursuing a career in Social Work and fell into Foodbomb by accident (funny story, actually!). Why did I change? 

I’m a part of the Customer Experience and Support Team. I work closely with our venues, suppliers and broader team to bring about changes that benefit our clients, including chatting daily directly with venues and suppliers about the challenges they're facing. We also rely heavily on data to help us make decisions that benefit most customers.

I’m in an industry that I adore. Food will always be a part of my life. I am so thrilled to make impactful changes to other chefs and empathise with the challenges they are going through. The Foodbomb team is full of passionate, focused and driven individuals. All of us have hospitality, supplier or operational background, which means our company can have our customers at the front and centre of all of our decision making.

Anthea Alexander - Supplier Experience Manager 

Having worked in the hospitality industry in some capacity from the day, I could pour a beer (legal age, I promise). From cafes to fancy Michelin Star dining, wedding coordinating, event styling, large scale catering operations and sales management, you bet I’ve tried it all. I then moved into Supplier Relationship Management, working with several local VIC and National based tech companies. 

There are a lot of ups and downs in hospo. To be fair, I was well and genuinely overworking weekends, nights and graveyard shifts. I always felt that I wasn't challenging myself enough, using my brain correctly, and looking for a change. Foodbomb popped up at the right moment, just when the world spontaneously combusted (aka Covid lockdown 1.0), and I’ve been here ever since. 

As a Supplier Experience Manager, I work with our suppliers on the platform to ensure a reliable, mutually beneficial and productive partnership. We enhance supplier relationships by developing and continually improving their profile on the Foodbomb platform. 

What do I love about my job? [laughs] No two days are ever the same. The work-life balance allows me to hustle plus balance being mum to twins - which is a whole new ballgame; I now have two dairies, two calendars and write A LOT of notes. Also, the team, this quote I feel summarises it well "you're only as good as your team", and I think our team at Foodbomb is...the bomb. 

Kiarne Steer - Marketing Specialist 

I’d like to consider myself lucky, having been able to work with some pretty awesome people at number of different companies - from hospitality, retail, property & construction to product and tech. My favourite part of working across various industries is the network and memories you create. 

Mmm, this is a tricky one to answer. I was almost fresh out of uni and applying for graduate and entry marketing roles endlessly, many times getting down to the final few only to get passed over for those with ‘more experience’. This is what got me every time… Isn’t the point of applying for these entry-level roles is that they’ll give you experience? After applying for over 100 positions, I landed one! Fast forward to 2020, after some soul searching and plenty of online courses (free ones, of course), I decided I wanted to change the space I was in, and here we are. 

The beauty of being a Marketing Specialist is that I get to work with everyone from the Product and Engineering team to Sales, Customer/Supplier Experience, and leadership teams. From go-to product marketing launches, expos + trade shows, webpage design and implementation, SEO, market research and marketing campaigns etc. I’m a part of everything. Yes, it can be a lot, but that’s what makes the job so interesting! 

Ann Huang - Data Scientist

I have worked in the data industry for around five years and external auditing for 2. Education-wise (NERD-ALERT), I have 2 Master’s (in Health Data Science and Professional Accounting) and 1 Bachelor’s degree (in Mathematics).

Before Foodbomb, I worked for a healthcare tech start-up. When I was approached with the Data Scientist role at Foodbomb, I was intrigued. I liked the culture and people during the hiring process and was exhilarated about the new challenges, the new opportunities & the new possibilities Foodbomb presented…therefore, here I am!

Foodbomb is incredibly data-driven. As a data scientist, my role is to lead the data team, promote a strong data culture, provide actionable insights, and build excellent data services and data products to help the company make “better” evidence-based decisions. My day-to-day tasks often involve stakeholder management, data pipeline management, internal and external reporting, statistical analysis, algorithm and model development, and report writing.

Being a curious and analytical person who is almost obsessed with problem-solving, being a data scientist allows me to pursue my passion at work. I am grateful that I am part of the amazing Bombsquad, working alongside colleagues who are so supportive, driven, focused, professional and fun.

Amy Yang - Head of Finance

I've worked in finance and accounting for over ten years, primarily in tech companies of all sizes, from startups to scale-ups to listed multinationals. I enjoy the fast pace and the energy tech companies have where no two days are the same.

Accounting and finance aren't always just about reporting and meeting government requirements. It's also not just about looking backwards on how we have performed but also using these numbers to look forward, plan and business partner with other teams to add value. This is also why I am passionate about working in accounting and finance with tech companies; you get to create value and at the same time learn from different functions and look at the numbers from a different angle.

I am currently doing what I love within the tech space; producing good financial reports. Looking back at historical performances and using them to look forward and business partner and learn and grow with different teams.


Every March, I am grateful to see my social media flooded with stories of amazing women. Those who helped shape history. Those who won awards and made remarkable inventions. Those who continue to break through boundaries and change the world today. However, we need to take the conversation of gender equality beyond March 8 and into the boardrooms, and everyone should be welcomed at the table, no matter their identity. No workplace has perfected this, which provides the perfect opportunity to #ChangeTheBias. 

As an equal opportunity employer, Foodbomb celebrates diversity, promotes equality, and welcomes those from diverse backgrounds. We aim to create a work environment where employee differences such as gender, age, culture, disability, sexual orientation, and education are a thing of the past.

Special mention and thanks to Jessie Ellison, Anthea Alexander, Ann Huang and Amy Yang for your contribution.

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