Site Pizza

Little Bay, NSW

Who are Site Pizza?

Site Pizza Bar is Little Bay’s newest, local dining experience. Swing by and enjoy some mouth-watering gourmet pizza, authentic pasta dishes or salads.

"I now buy meat, seafood and my dry goods through Foodbomb"

"We're saving heaps of money and the time it takes to order"

"I cant wait for more suppliers to get on board"

What has been your biggest challenge around suppliers for your business?

“I’ve always found that consistency has been an issue for us and the amount of time it takes to get setup with a new supplier. I also hate sales reps popping in unannounced, they promise the world and under deliver.” 

How has Foodbomb helped overcome some of these problems?

“I can research my products and prices without any interference and I like that all the suppliers are competing on one platform for my business. Plus I don’t need to fill out any persky credit applications!”

If you had to say a short quote about Foodbomb what would you say?

“Anything that saves me time and money is a no brainer.”

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Why Us?

Foodbomb is “The Fair Marketplace For The Food Industry” connecting buyers and sellers through a digital platform will change the way you do business.

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