MD Provodores supply quality wholesale fruit & vegetables to restaurants, cafes and catering companies across Sydney.
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MD Provodores

MD Provodores set out in 2004 with a mission to be the 'natural choice' in fresh produce, and their commitment to innovation, service and people has them hitting the right notes in their journey.

Over that time, MD has built a rock solid a reputation as one of the premier suppliers of of fruit and vegetables across the greater Sydney area. Their customers love that they deliver 6 days a week to Sydney's restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and cafes. With produce being sourced daily from local growers, you can be certain you will be getting the freshest product available on the market.

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MD Provodores
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MD Provodores specialise in a huge variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, from all categories. They are one of the only producers of pre-chopped vegetables at cost-effective wholesale prices, with the wider hospitality industry delighted at the quality and freshness in comparison to other suppliers.

Avocado - Each -  [AVE]
Avocado - Each - [AVE]
Carrots Premium - Kg [CK]
Carrots Premium - Kg [CK]
Strawberries XL - Punnet -  [S]
Strawberries XL - Punnet - [S]
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MD Provodores

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