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Prime cut meat delivers quality meat, poultry and meat products to Queensland.

About Prime Cut Meats

Founded by 4th generation butchers in 2007, it is because of their customer focused attitude that Prime Cut Meats is now one of the largest gourmet wholesale butchers in Australia.  As a team of butchers and now chefs, Prime Cut Meats understands that quality is essential, which is why they only work with the best brands in the world. 

From specialty to quirky cuts and everything in between, Prime Cut Meats products are package handled and stored correctly to ensure maximum shelf life and top quality eating.

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Top selling products from Prime Cut Meats

Pork Belly B\Less R\On [pcm] (Ctn)
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Sausages Beef Thin (kg)
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Chicken Breast S\Less (250g/10pc)
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