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Order 100% Sumatran Mandheling Arabica Coffee online for your Sydney restaurant or cafe online with Foodbomb.

About Three Arrows Coffee

Our coffee is 100% Sumatran Mandheling Arabica. The journey of our coffee starts from its fruits. We work with our local coffee farmers in the North Sumatra province to get the freshest coffee fruits. They are transported to our own processing site which is located just 2 hours drive from the coffee plantation. Then, we process them immediately to ensure their quality. Each fruit goes through rigorous and manual selection. After the pulping process, each bean goes through another selection and quality control process. Afterward, the beans go through its entire processes until they become green beans. We do another quality control and manual selection on the green beans before exporting them to Sydney. Finally, the green beans reach our roastery in Petersham and roasted in house. The coffee is always freshly roasted here!
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Top selling products from Three Arrows Coffee

BRAZIL (nutty, smooth, hint of fruitiness)
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BRAZIL (nutty, smooth, hint of fruitiness)
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SUMATRA, INDONESIA (full body, strong, caramel, dark chocolate)
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