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Since 1952, Delica Meat Supply has specialised in supplying the freshest and finest quality meats to the food service industry. Over the years, they've grown to become one of Australias largest integrated wholesale meat companies.We are the Meat Specialists. Experts in grass-fed to grain-fed beef, wagyu X to Full Blood wagyu, milk-fed veal, corn-fed ducks and poultry, little suckling pigs and specialty lamb breeds - they have it all. Delica's are industry experts, whom understand and respond to our customers needs and we support ethical and sustainable farming methods. Thats how Delica has built a reputation based on integrity, consistency and quality.

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Beef Bolar / Grass Fed
Beef Bolar / Grass Fed
Beef Diced Regular (Hand Cut) / Grass Fed
Beef Diced Regular (Hand Cut) / Grass Fed
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