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Combined Wines & Foods was founded in 1972 by current Managing Director, Mr. Ninel Molinari. His vision has resulted in this family run company becoming one of the largest distributors of liquor and food in Australia. The company started with Italian Wines, only to expand into the following products over the years. Liqueurs in 1976, Beer in 1980, Food in 1992, Australian Wines in 1994, New Zealand Wines in 2000 and Spirits in 2011. The companys commitment to brand building has seen products such as the following, Verdi Sparkling, Farnese Wines, Pasqua Wines, Singha Beer, Menabrea Beer, De Cecco Pasta, Smidge Wines, Kay Bros Wines, and The London No.1 Gin, amongst the leaders in their fields.

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ANTONA 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4lt (4/ctn)
ANTONA 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4lt (4/ctn)
ANTONA Olive Pomace Oil 4lt (4/ctn)
ANTONA Olive Pomace Oil 4lt (4/ctn)
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