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MD Provodores have envisioned that through our people, service and innovation, they strive to be the natural choice in fresh produce. Servicing Sydney's restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and cafes 6 days a week, the fruit and vegetables are sourced daily, as they work closely with local growers to ensure only freshness and quality are delivered to clients. With strong and efficient drivers, all staff at MD Provodores are thoroughly trained in upholding our internal practices as well as work within the guidelines set out by our comprehensive Food Safety Plan. Working to the highest level of food safety compliance, holding both HACCP accreditation and NSW Food Authority Licenses for fruit and vegetable processing. They are continually evolving to stay on the cutting edge of food safety and go well beyond the minimum requirements.

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Avocado - Each -  [AVE]
Avocado - Each - [AVE]
Carrots Premium - Kg [CK]
Carrots Premium - Kg [CK]
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