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Zeotec, founded in January 2016. This is a Greek innovative company which is based in Volos Magnesia and produced in the factory of a wide range of non-toxic cleaners and detergents main base Zeolite. Our products are of global origin because we are the worlds first company to produce non-toxic detergents based on Liquid Zeolite, having obtained a worldwide formula throughout its range. We address professionals and simple households by providing tangible solutions to every kind of problem and ensuring our users of our products direct efficiency, low cost and guaranteed quality for themselves and their space. Our Products meet the strictest production standards and are accompanied by all ISO certifications as well as Certification by the State Chemistry General.

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Zeo Enviro Friendly -  Glass Cleaning Fluid (10L)
Zeo Enviro Friendly - Glass Cleaning Fluid (10L)
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