How we got started

Paul, our founder, ran his online home meat delivery website for over 8 years. He’d often field requests from cafés and restaurants looking to order wholesale - making him realise that there was a gap in the B2B market begging to be met!

But why stop at meat when having multiple categories of produce would make life easier for everyone in the hospitality space?

So in 2016, Foodbomb, a powerful platform for streamlining the wholesale ordering process was born. Not long after, Paul met Josh, and an explosive relationship began. Today our family is over 20 people strong.

Why we exist

Our customers are the reason we exist.
We strive to understand the problems they face so that we can build elegant products to make their life easier.

Our Vision

To become the most trusted and utilised order management platform in the hospitality world.

The Bomb Squad

Paul Tory
Josh Goulburn
Nathan Lo Russo
Head of Sales
Pablo Grigolatto
Head of Product and Tech
Dan Karney
Edward Barton-White
Business Development
Shaun Bowles
Business Development
Anthea Alexander
Business Development
Jay O’Grady
Business Development
Cam Mercer
Digital Marketing
Rainer Hietsch
Software Engineer
Adam Love
Software Engineer
Jessie Ellison
Customer Support
Alicia Tan
Marketing Lead
Glen Armstrong
Supplier Success
James O'Connell
William Husson
Internal Sales
Leandro Gomes Magalhães
Software Engineer
Rui Da Costa
Senior Software Engineer
Sam Levy
Business Development
Tony Ouk
Product Manager
Scott Basquil
Software Engineer
Kiarne Steer
Marketing Specialist