Ocean Made Seafood

Ocean Made Seafood supply Melbourne foodservice venues with high quality and fresh seafood.
Ocean Made Seafood

Ocean Made Seafood is 21 years old, opening in 1999 by George Lucas and John Christopoulos. They are primarily a wholesaling business supplying some of the most well-known restaurants in Victoria and Australia.

Over time they have built a reputation of being a quality focused business and have always stayed true to their word. Their moto is “you’re only as good as your last order”, meaning they always take pride in every order they make from the quality of the produce to the way it is packed and the professionalism of their delivery drivers.  

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Ocean Made Seafood
 Top Selling Products
Mussels Fresh Loose (kg)
Mussels Fresh Loose (kg)
Salmon Tasmanian Fillet P/B (kg)
Salmon Tasmanian Fillet P/B (kg)
Tuna Portions Skin Off  200g (each)
Tuna Portions Skin Off 200g (each)
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Ocean Made Seafood

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