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Pastabilities blends tradition and modern ingredients to create the finest range of fresh pastas and sauces. Founded by a handful of people with a vision to produce premium pasta in inventive flavour combinations, the company began in a small kitchen in Surry Hills. Over 20 years later, the company has grown to occupy a larger factory in Sydney's food hub of Marrickville. The flat pasta makers begin at midnight; preparing, rolling and cutting the fresh pasta. The fillings and sauces begin to simmer first thing in the morning. Scents permeate the air and tantalise the palate. The ravioli are stuffed by artisans who take real pride in their work. The kitchen is alive with passion, stories and laughter, all adding to the essence of Pastabilities.

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Egg Angel Hair
Egg Angel Hair
Gnocchi - Traditional Potato
Gnocchi - Traditional Potato
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