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Need a reliable fruit & vegetable supplier for your cafe, restaurant or catering business? Use Foodbomb to search and order from Geelong's top wholesale food suppliers.


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With Foodbomb, you can access a wide range of wholesale suppliers that deliver quality fruit and vegetables to your venue in Geelong. These suppliers provide a range of fresh and quality produce, such as locally sourced and seasonal fruits and vegetables, along with dried fruit and nuts, herbs, organic juices, and even freshly-laid eggs. With a free Foodbomb account, you can easily choose a fruit and vegetable supplier based on your specific commercial kitchen requirements. Our leading wholesale food distributors in Geelong are reliable, trusted and provide the freshest fruit and vegetables to some of the top venues in the region. Additionally, you can view ratings and reviews from fellow restaurant and cafe owners to help you make the right choice when selecting a new wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier for your business. So open a free Foodbomb account today to access quality fresh produce and start browsing now.

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