5 ways to keep food costs down when ordering from food distributors in Sydney

Business Tips
  1. Develop an ordering schedule

Time, space and minimum order quantities can become small hurdles when ordering across all your food distributors. Having set days to do your major orders e.g. Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Sticking to this schedule will mean that you’re always covered, in terms of stock and your distributors will love you for it as they can forecast better and plan routes around you!

  1. Keep inventory tight

Have a soft or hard copy pantry list available. As you run out of things during the day, write it down! This will make the end of day inventory and ordering process less stressful and time consuming. In doing this, you guarantee low to no wastage because you’re not over ordering. Look at Foodbomb's favourites list to start this process. 

  1. Ask each food distributor for an itemised product list with current prices.

Yes, you may have a good relationship with your distributors, however it doesn't always guarantee that you’re getting the most up to date market prices. After all, when prices go up, you cop it. When prices come down, you don't necessarily reap the savings. By asking for an itemised product and price list it will help with;

  • Keeping your them accountable
  • Recording changes and learnings about the peaks and troughs of the market. 
  • Having the latest prices to compare

  1. Carry out Comparisons (Compare, Compare, Compare)

Most distributors offer competitive pricing on the “hero” items like avocados, bacon, chicken breast, dairy and over charge on the rest of items you order. Prices are frequently fluctuating, finding the best price, quality and service in such a large sea of distributors can be confronting. Use Foodbomb's smart search bar to access over 50,000 products within seconds. 

  1. Join a marketplace/buying group 

By joining an online platform that offers a marketplace of food distributors, you can benefit in leveraging consistent competitive pricing by increasing your buying power. Have a look at Foodbomb, it gives you access to 100+ food distributors in Sydney and their latest prices. This smart online ordering platform makes comparing and saving money on COGs super easy!


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