How To Reduce Food Waste In Your Business - And Save Money In The Process

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If you’re a business owner working in the hospitality industry, there’s nothing worse than seeing fresh, delicious food go to waste. Yet the amount of food waste in the food and hospitality industry is mind-boggling. One study found that a staggering 40% of food stock purchased for hospitality venues in Australia was thrown out. Yet, while food waste is one of the sadder realities of working in the industry, there is something you can do about it.

Reducing food waste isn’t just more sustainable. Less stock going down the garbage chute also means bigger financial savings and a subsequent boost in top-line profits.

We’ve partnered with Love Food, Hate Waste, a government education program designed to reduce food waste, in order to spread awareness about this important issue. Keep scrolling to learn how to reduce food waste in your business and save money, all at the same time.

Do a food waste review

According to Love Food, Hate Waste, a one-week review should be a sufficient amount of time to assess your venue’s current practices, offering a clear picture of when and how food is wasted in your business. Your food waste might include spoilage, preparation waste (such as offcuts), and plate waste from customers. 

In this phase, record where food is wasted as well as the items and quantity being wasted. From these figures, you can also calculate the financial impact food waste is having on your business. Get your staff involved in the process, asking them to help document food waste. Notify them that you are all working towards reducing food waste.

Develop a plan to combat food waste

Depending on the findings of your review, you can start to develop strategies to combat food waste right away. Thankfully, there are endless food waste solutions that your business can explore. 

For example, if spoilage was a large proportion of your food waste, consider how you can keep food fresher for longer. Educate your staff on the importance of food waste and ask them for their suggestions on reducing wastage. Assess your menu and find ways to reuse food scraps or utilise different cuts of meat in various dishes.

Invest in the right kitchen appliances

The best food waste solutions go beyond saving a few food scraps. Food waste can run much deeper, which means that solutions need to be more drastic.

To keep food fresh, you might need to invest in top-of-the-line fridges, or change your fresh food suppliers. To reduce preparation waste you might need to invest in equipment that utilizes the entirety of the food items, such as spiralisers that use the core of the food, or efficient juicers.

If you’re hesitant about the cost, keep in mind the cost of your food waste. High-quality equipment that reduces food waste significantly is often worth the investment.

Find solutions for leftovers

Finally, when it comes to utilising leftovers, why not explore preserves and pickling? Fresh food that is overripe can be turned into jams, preserves, or pickled foods. This produce could even be packaged and sold in your venue, creating additional revenue. You could also create a weekly special to use up excess produce, stretching your food supplies further.

Order smarter

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