The Best Suppliers for Wholesale Fruit and Veg in Sydney

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There’s nothing worse than a limp bunch of celery or an overripe avocado. If you work in a foodservice venue, you’ll know that the freshness of your fruit and veg is crucial when it comes to creating delicious meals. That’s why we’ve pulled together the ultimate list of the best wholesale fruit and veg suppliers in Sydney. Even if you already have a preferred fruit and vegetable wholesaler, keep in mind that demand and supply have been unpredictable lately. So, rather than cut out your bottom-line profits by paying a premium for the closest fruit and veg you can find, why not have a backup? Knowing where the best fruit and veg wholesalers are and how to reach them at the click of a button can save you time and money. 

Top suppliers will ensure that you can elevate the quality of your fresh meals and eliminate any wastage from spoiled produce. They will keep your salads crisp and crunchy and your veggies tender and flavourful, and, ultimately, it will keep your customers coming back for more. Keep reading for our pick of the top suppliers for wholesale fruit and veg in Sydney.

How we find the best fruit and veg wholesalers

At Foodbomb, we choose reputable suppliers using a thorough selection process. Typically, with wholesale fruit and veg, we select the suppliers who are consistent, reliable and will supply the highest-quality, freshest produce. 

We base our selections on several criteria, to get FoodBomb customers the very best supplies:

  • Range and availability: Many foodservice venues have a wide range of fruit and veg, and can source items throughout the year. Our suppliers have carefully cultivated a network of market stallholders and growers, and can source a wide variety of high-quality produce year-round.
  • Quality: Customers eating out have a high expectation of taste, especially at high-end restaurants, but even at smaller cafes and venues. If the product isn’t fresh and delicious, to begin with, it won’t last very long or have that great quality our foodservice venues come to expect.
  • Transportation: Wholesale fruit and veg suppliers who utilise innovative technologies for transportation can usually ensure food lasts longer.
  • Location: The freshness of produce is often due to where produce is sourced, as well as how it is stored and transported. Many of our wholesale fruit and veg suppliers have a wide network of local suppliers and high-quality standards which means fresher produce, every time.

The best wholesale fruit and veg in Sydney

Rather than go hunting for a new fruit and veg wholesaler in Sydney, just consult our list below. These suppliers truly are the best in the business, chosen for their superior quality and freshness.

Fruitilicious Wholesale

Fruitilicious is ran by owner and director, James Scarano. And when we say run we mean it, James manages every single aspect of the business, from accounting to deliveries. He goes above and beyond for his customers and always delivers on price and quality.

Sydney Direct Fresh

Innovation, customer service, and healthy, genuine relationships with the hospitality community are at the core of Sydney Direct Fresh Produce. They supply NSW wide with fruit and vegetables to restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs, pubs, caterers, aged care and many other foodservice sectors. They source produce directly from growers and markets Australia wide and maintain entirely HACCP accredited supply chains.


Fruitique is the fresh fruit wholesaler your can rely on. As well as a wide range of delicious and nutritious fruits, they provide a wide range of other fresh produce for Australians to enjoy and their products are loved for their freshness and quality.

J&D Providore

Since 1998, J&D Providore has been providing viable solutions to the ever-challenging food hospitality industry. The company was founded on the premise of personal service and quality products that helps clients improve their bottom line without compromising on quality. J&D Providore provides fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs and herbs from local farms to many establishments from small cafes to hatted restaurants.

Foodbomb Makes Ordering Wholesale Fruit and Veg Simple 

Foodbomb has all the wholesale fruit and veg suppliers you need in one place. Our ordering solution gives you access to a wide range of fruit and vegetable wholesalers.  

To find out more, book a call with one of our industry experts or sign up to FoodBomb to discover extra-tasty, extra fresh wholesale fruit and veg in Sydney.


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