Anzac biscuits - the making of a legend

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Crunchy, soft, gooey, or maybe a combination of both - it’s the question on all chefs and bakers lips as Anzac Day approaches. So where did the Anzac biscuit come from?  

The humble Anzac biscuit is often thought to have been a stable part of the ANZAC soldier’s diet during WWII. However, it can be easily mistaken for the golden, rolled oat modern-day version. What was actually available in centuries-old soldier and sailors rations was the ‘hardtrack biscuit’*. 

These rather unpalatable biscuits are not dis-similar to bread (unfortunately not the artisan type), though unlike bread they don’t go mouldy and are also very, very tough. As fresh food and water was often hard to come by on Gallipoli, so resilience in all forms was necessary. 

Much like the Pavlova, the Anzac Biscuit’s origins are unknown, however it made it’s first appearance in Australian recipe books from the 1920s onwards… And the rest is history as they say.

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