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I've been working with Sabin for just under six months and he's become a Foodbomb advocate, really seeing the value that our order management platform has to offer. I sat down to talk to him about why he loves using our platform and what's important to his business.

Jess, Business Development Manager at Foodbomb: Firstly, thank you for sitting down with me Sabin. Do you mind telling us what your role is and what type of venues you manage?

Sabin, Owner of Bambino Torino: Well, I started my businesses a couple of years ago, after leaving my role as an operations manager in a large pizza business. I now own and operate Bambino Torino in Sydney's Inner West. I'm very involved in my business, since I oversee the day-to-day business operations, including all the ordering, management of staff and most importantly, serving our customers.

J: What do you think made you sign up with Foodbomb?

S: When I was scrolling through my socials, I kept seeing Foodbomb pop up.

Initially, what caught my eye was that Foodbomb offers a large range of suppliers, with large product lists. I loved the idea of being able to easily access them in the one place.

J: So how long have you been using Foodbomb and what are some of the reasons you continue to order on our platform? 

S: I've been ordering with Foodbomb for about 5-6 months now. For me it's definitely all about the convenience Foodbomb offers. There’s no need to text or call suppliers, minimising the constant miscommunication that happens when using other channels. Also, I like the variety and number of suppliers I can choose from.

J: Are there any problems that Foodbomb has been able to solve for you?

S: Yes, absolutely! Foodbomb has solved time constraint issues that I faced on a daily basis. It has certainly solved the daunting thought around the ordering process I used to go through when ordering for the multiple venues I run.

It has also helped me to lower my cost of goods, because suppliers offer very competitive and up-to-date market pricing. I find that they are kept accountable with the open marketplace that Foodbomb offers.

J: So Sabin, what are some of your favourite features on the platform?

S: There are a couple, the comparison tool and the product favourites features definitely stand out. It makes my ordering straightforward by having all my most ordered products from each supplier saved. It has also come in handy when I’m not in, my head chef knows exactly what products to order.

J: That’s great to hear! A couple more questions - how would you describe Foodbomb?

S: Oh, easy - it’s a platform where any venue can do all of their ordering, across multiple suppliers, with up-to-date and competitive pricing in one place.

J: Lucky last, did or do you have any special requests when using Foodbomb?

S: I had a few requests around only ordering specific brands and you [Jess] were able to help me find the right suppliers that had the product range I needed. I also needed deliveries to be made by mid-morning, so my chef had time to prepare. All the suppliers I order from come on time which makes things so much easier.

J: Thank you for your time Sabin - this was great!

You can check out Bambino Torino's menu here.

If you are interested in having a chat about how Foodbomb can help you simplify your ordering process and lower your cost of goods, please get in touch. I'd love to answer any questions you have!

About Jess Ruiz

Jess Ruiz has been a Business Development Manager at Foodbomb for just under 2 years. She specialises in helping venues of all shapes and sizes find the wholesale suppliers that suit their foodservice needs. Contact her if you'd like to learn more about Foodbomb and how our ordering platform can help your venue.


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