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How will NSW & Qld floods affect fresh produce?

Glen Armstrong

With severe weather and torrential rain across NSW and Qld over the past week, many farmers, fishermen and suppliers have been left with limited supply of some product lines. This has placed extra reliance on interstate distribution networks, which has been further strained due to these same weather conditions and unsafe roads.

So, what's the impact of the NSW & Qld floods to my foodservice venue?

The extreme weather is likely to have an impact to supply and pricing of some fruit & veg and seafood product lines over the next couple of weeks. Please be mindful and patient with your suppliers when ordering the following:

Fruit & Veg

  • Herbs
  • Leafy greens
  • Baby vegetables


  • Any wild fish
  • Sydney rock oysters

Additionally, some wholesale suppliers may have temporarily suspended deliveries as they deal with flood damage.

We ask that you continue to discuss any major supply or delivery issues directly with your supplier or contact us if you need help finding a replacement supplier.

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