NSW Market Update: 18th July

Market Update

With school back this week, demand remained soft resulting in pricing on a few key products to ease. However, cooler growing conditions, (particularly in North Queensland) have slowed growth rates of crops located in those regions.

We spoke to a few of our valued Foodbomb suppliers and compiled a list of expected changes in the market over the next fortnight:

High Pricing/Low Supply

Butter, Oak, and Coral Lettuce – Supply remains very tight and this will not improve until September.

Capsicums - Red, Yellow and Green; not a lot of volume coming out of the growing region due to poor pollination as a result of rain during flowering and cooler growing conditions. The quality is good, and pricing is relatively high but firm.

Herbs - Supply of Oregano, Tarragon & Thyme has improved, but is still patchy and will remain this way for the next 3 weeks. Increased prices are due to come to an end shortly as herb lines will come into abundance once the weather starts to get warmer.

Tomatoes/Cherry Tomatoes - Supply is expected to be very tight for the next 6 weeks as a result of rain in the growing region during flowering leading to poor pollination as well as cooler growing conditions slowing down growth rates. Pricing is set to remain high.

Cos/Iceberg Lettuce – Lettuce supplies improved this week, with pricing easing mid-week, but firmed again later in the week. Supply is expected to remain light for the next couple of weeks due to cooler growing conditions.

Cabbage/Red Cabbage - is scarce and the size of heads is reducing as growers pick earlier to keep up with strong demand for lettuce substitutes. Where usually, cabbage would be $3 a head, it is now $7-$8. Red Cabbage and Savoy Cabbage, in particular, are becoming increasingly harder to find.

Cucumber/Zucchini – Crops in Bundaberg continue to struggle due to weather, with more rain expected this weekend, which will further reduce numbers out of the region for the next 4 weeks. Pricing remains very strong.

Bananas – Banana growers recorded a minimum of 3 degrees in Innisfail this morning, which is 15 degrees below normal. This will result in all bananas in the region having under peel chill and a dull appearance. Pricing is anticipated to remain very firm between now and Christmas.

Avocados – Supply continues to contract due to cooler growing conditions resulting in a firming of pricing for the end of July and August.

Squash – Continued limited availability with pricing reflective of this. North QLD and some local Northern Victorian fruit on the markets this week.

Fresh Eggs – Supply will remain very tight for the next 18 months due to a lack of feed. Nationally supply has been impacted with the major supermarkets also struggling to fill shelves.

Lime - increased pricing due to impact of rain resulting in weather marking on fruit.

Beans – Pricing remains firm and supply light.

Low Pricing/Healthy Supply

Oranges – Both Blood and Cara Cara oranges are now available, representing great value and excellent flavour.

Snow/Snap Peas – Supply has improved, with pricing easing. However rain in the growing region continues to disrupt harvesting.

Wild Rocket - There is a short supply, with the beginning of this week seeing the worst of it and supply (finally!) improving from next week onwards.

Strawberries - Quality remains good out of Queensland, however supply volumes remain light. Prices are to slightly come down as opposed to what they were last week.

Baby Spinach – Supply and quality and now back to normal with pricing easing as a consequence.

Broccoli/Cauliflower – Supply has improved, however will remain light with the quality being very good.

Asian Vegetables – Supply remains steady on Asian vegetables with quality and bunch sizing improving.

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