Market Update: 1st August

Market Update

Due to heavy rainfall experienced across many parts of Australia, combined with a cold front sweeping across the eastern seaboard in recent months, growers and producers are still experiencing challenging conditions. Picking and harvesting, as well as growing cycles continue to be interrupted.

An improvement in weather conditions this week has resulted in an increase of produce being supplied and also some price relief on a few key products. However, the prediction is for supply to remain tight and pricing to remain firm for the short to medium term.

After speaking to a few of our valued Foodbomb suppliers, we have compiled a list of expected changes in the market over the next fortnight:

Low Supply/High Pricing

Butter, Oak, and Coral Lettuce – Supply remains very tight. Supply will not improve until September.

Cos/Iceberg Lettuce – Lettuce supplies continue to be short relative to demand, quality is on the improve with a heavier heart.

Cabbage – Cabbage supply remains very tight with pricing firming and sizing reducing. This will be the case for at least another month due to the use of cabbage as a substitute for lettuce.

Baby Leaf – Spinach and Lettuce baby leaf crops have benefited from this week’s mild weather conditions, however rocket supplies will not improve for another 6 weeks.

Broccolini – Production has over halved in the last couple of weeks and is not expected to improve until September.

Beans & Corn – Supply remains very tight, with supply volumes being very spasmodic and corn’s market pricing set to double this week.

Tomatoes Gourmet/Roma – Supply of tomatoes will improve next week because of better growing conditions, pricing will also ease for Gourmets, however Roma pricing will remain very strong until the end of the Bowen season.

Strawberries – Quality remains good out of Queensland but short in supply, with Western Australian supply starting in small volumes this week.

Capsicum Red, Yellow and Green – Supply continues to lighten due to poor pollination of crops during flowering. Pricing continues to firm with demand exceeding current supply.

Zucchini – Supply has improved slightly this week and so has quality.

Squash – Some squash available in the market this week, albeit a dozen trays and pricing were reflective. Both North QLD and some local Northern Victorian fruit on the markets this week.

Oregano, Tarragon & Thyme – Frost/Cold weather in Victoria this week will result in supply tightening again on an already short supplied market. They will remain tight for the next two weeks at this stage.

Mandarins - Supply now healthy but this has been impacted by recent rains out of QLD, so until more southern fruit comes on, supply is limited.

Healthy Supply/Low Pricing

Avocados – Size remains on the large size out of southern QLD and volumes light. Western Australian supply will start in small volumes next week with sizing being large and crop estimates down on previous selasons. New Zealand fruit is not too far away and Chilian fruit will also be available in November on the back of light crop estimates out of Western Australia.

Broccoli/Cauliflower – Broccoli & Cauliflower supply volumes will improve slightly this week, however quality is very good.

Snow/Snap Peas – Supply continues to improve, with pricing easing as a result and quality improving.

Kiwifruit - Gold and green available. Good prices with excellent supply.

Pears - Great value – Packham, Corella and Beurre Bosc available. Green pears are well priced and of excellent quality.

Passionfruit - Excellent quality, good supply.

Sweet Potato - In season and good price and quality. Regular and purple available.

Oranges - In season with good supply and prices. Navel in abudance. Cara Cara and Blood are now coming into season.

Applies - Both red and green varieties are available.

Celery - Good supply available but will be impacted by QLD flooding, prices are coming back as supply improves.

Brussel Sprouts - Green and purple are of good quality and in healthy supply.

Eggplant - Plenty of great value QLD field eggplant now available.

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