Meet Nisbets, Australia’s Favourite Catering Equipment Supplier

Supplier Spotlights

At Foodbomb, we only work with Australia’s best suppliers. Today we’re going behind the scenes to tell you all about one of our key equipment suppliers, Nisbets Australia. 

Nisbets are a catering and hospitality equipment supplier founded back in 1983. Today the company is known for their extensive range and their impeccable customer service. Over the years they have prided themselves on their capacity to expand quickly while still retaining high levels of efficiency and excellent service.  

Now, the Nisbets Group is Europe’s largest catering equipment supplier with offices all over the world. They have over half a million customers and sell to over a hundred countries worldwide. They proudly offer thousands of product lines with materials sourced from both local and international suppliers.

The Growth of Nisbets

Nisbets was established by Andrew Nisbet in the early ‘80s and expanded quickly all across Europe, refining their product offering carefully over the last thirty years. They were first established in Australia in 2010 when they acquired Caterers Warehouse, taking over warehouses in key NSW locations. 

Since then, they have expanded across other major Australian cities, solidifying their presence as one of Australia’s largest catering equipment suppliers.

Today, Nisbets have trade counters and retail stores in NSW, Queensland, Canberra, and Victoria, and is now available exclusively on Foodbomb.

Extensive Range

Nisbets proudly stocks over 7,000 product lines and understands just what its customers need. Their expansive range covers everything that catering and hospitality businesses could need, from refrigeration to baking supplies to cooking appliances, knives, and everything in between.

Over the years they have worked with everyone from aspiring chefs to small cafes and catering companies to large restaurant chains. This wealth of experience means that Nisbets can easily understand their customers needs intimately – no matter how large (or small) their clients may be.

Intuitive Customer Service

Customer service is a key priority for Nisbets and one that has seen the business go from strength to strength in securing repeat business and acquiring a loyal customer base.

Nisbets’ customer service teams are specially trained to treat every single caller with attention and respect. They understand the needs of the hospitality industry and are able to deal with all manner of queries specific to their extensive product range.

Readily Available

Part of the Nisbets core principles is that stock should be readily available for customers at affordable prices. They understand that, in the catering and hospitality industries, businesses need to be able to scale quickly, adapt readily, and change according to customer’s needs.

That means having the ability to have the right equipment available at the click of a button. Nisbets have 95% stock availability at all times and offer competitive prices, so you’ll have access to a wide range of supplies at reasonable prices whenever you need.

It’s these attributes that have cemented Nisbets as one of our best suppliers. Nisbets truly is a one-stop shop for catering and hospitality equipment. The best part? They are exclusively available on Foodbomb and offer a range of tableware, appliances, kitchenware and apparel, so start ordering today!

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