Modifying & Cancelling Orders

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Modifying & Cancelling Orders

We understand that our customers are busy people and sometimes you might forget to order certain products, or you may have placed an order for the wrong day. This is why we’ve released some exciting new features that put the control back in your hands!

You now have the ability to:

  • Modify your delivery date
  • Modify product quantities
  • Cancel the order entirely

All of these changes can be made for 55 minutes after placing the order, or up until the supplier cut-off time depending on when you place the order. We’ve also added a short-cut to top-up orders, making it even easier to add products to an order.

Watch the videos below to see this new feature in action!

Modify your delivery date

Have you ever placed an order only to realise you placed it on the wrong day? We’ve all done it! You can now change the delivery date as long as you meet the MOV (minimum order value) for that supplier and they also deliver on the selected date.

Modify product quantities

You can now increase and decrease the quantities of products in your order, as well as removing products. Please note that you must still meet the supplier MOV when making these changes.

Top-up orders

Forgotten to add bananas to that fruit & veg order? You can still place a top-up order but we’ve now added a short-cut from the order details page to make it even easier

Cancel your order

If you realise that you no longer need your order, you can simply cancel the order yourself. Please note that if you cancel an order that also has a top-up order, your top-up will also be cancelled.


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