New Foodbomb Feature for Multiple Venue Sites

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We understand that our customers have different needs. With many Foodbomb customers having multiple venues, we wanted to create a smarter and more seamless, minimal touch ordering solution that meets the requirements of our various customers.

The following new product capabilities work dynamically and compliment the needs of a growing business - your Foodbomb account grows as your business grows!

Here is a run down of the benefits of each aspect of the new feature and a visual walkthrough to see exactly what this will look like on your screen.


No more logging in and out to switch between venues - saving you time and providing you with the ability to switch between venues with just two clicks.


This allows venue owners to invite trusted team members into selected venues as they please. It’s not only a time saver but allows you to bring in team members so that they can order on your behalf. If you go on holiday, your business doesn’t have to stop when you do! Delete employees as and when necessary with admin power.

Roles and Permissions

Invite team members to use your Foodbomb account with different levels of access and permissions. This gives venue owners the freedom to decide which of their trusted employees have access to ordering and bank details and which only to add to cart. We want to empower our customers to be able to delegate with confidence.

Our product team will be adding more functionality to this feature in the next few months so your Foodbomb account can grow as your business grows!

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