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Prepping your kitchen

Alicia Tan

Is your kitchen ready for a busy day of orders?

When prepping your kitchen for a busy day of orders you need to ensure you have all the wholesale produce you need. This also includes ensuring your kitchen team is set up with all the necessary kitchenware and knives for an effective and efficient day.

From ensuring you have enough chopping boards and that there is a clear colour coding system right through to choosing the right cookware and utensils; there is a lot to prep for!

Stocking your kitchenware should be just as easy as stocking up your fridge and pantry, which is why we've partnered with Nisbets to ensure you're able to cater for any event in the kitchen.

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Utensils including chef knives and chopping boards

Every chef is well equipped when it comes to knives but do you have enough knives for all the day-to-day jobs? Have the right knife sharpeners? Or have a colour-coded chopping board system? Nisbets have done a lot of hard work and have put buying guides together to help you cut through the noise:

Food storage and labels

Buying the right storage containers is integral to maintaining high hygiene standards, reducing waste and ensuring the freshness of your food. Often food storage and labelling is overlooked and not given the proper consideration it requires. When setting up your food storage system make sure you consider:

  • Stock rotation
  • Food labelling
  • If you need to store meat
  • The storage temperatures

Learn more about buying food storage for your kitchen.


Choosing the right cookware simply comes down to personal preference but also cost. There are just as many choices to be made when it comes to buying your pots, pans, baking dishes or serving dishes. Size, shape and material can all impact what cookware you end up with. If you're unsure about what cookware you need in your kitchen check out Nisbet's guide to choosing the right cookware.

To start browsing the full Nisbets range of cookware - including their own brand, Vogue - jump onto Foodbomb today!

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