The Top Chicken & Poultry Suppliers in Melbourne

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Poultry products are a menu staple for many restaurants, from casual takeaway venues to upmarket restaurants. In fact, chicken is the most consumed meat all over the world, so it makes sense to incorporate it into your menu in some way. But first, you have to find the right poultry suppliers in Melbourne to suit your needs.

Let’s face it, poultry is universally liked. It’s also extremely versatile and can be transformed into a wide variety of delicious dishes. It’s easy to season, simple (and fast) to cook, and, best of all, it doesn’t require a skilled chef to create taste tantalising chicken dishes.

Yet with so many ways to cook chicken and poultry, it’s crucial that you or your chef understand what kind of poultry you need and how your needs might change through the seasons. Chicken is typically available throughout the year, but high-quality duck and other game might be more difficult to find at the right price, depending on the season.

The top chicken and poultry suppliers in Melbourne

Selecting the right poultry supplier is so important. Chicken and other poultry can pose a major health and safety threat when uncooked, or not fresh, so it’s crucial that you work with reliable suppliers. The best wholesale poultry suppliers in Melbourne have high-quality products, as well as advanced refrigeration systems for safe storage and transportation of supplies.

Luckily, we’ve already vetted all the best suppliers for you. Read on to discover who they are.

Master Poultry Group

Master Poultry Group is one of Victoria’s largest chicken distributors. At any given time of the day our fleet, of over twenty trucks, can be found delivering top-quality poultry across the state. The company focuses on competitive pricing, quality products, and exemplary customer service.

Oroso Poultry

Oroso Poultry is one of the leading chicken suppliers in Melbourne, offering a broad range of high-quality poultry products. With all kinds of poultry and wholesale chicken breasts, thighs and schnitzel, as well as smallgoods, skewers and other meats, you’ll find every kind of poultry product here.

M & J Chickens VIC

With over 40 years of industry experience, M & J Chickens are one of the leading poultry suppliers in Melbourne. From wholesale chicken wings to hard-to-source game, M & J Chickens has it all. The company focuses on quality and reliability and uses cutting-edge technology to ensure its impeccable food safety standards.

G & T Chickens

Established in 1983, G & T Chickens is an Australian owned and operated second generation family business. Located in Brooklyn Victoria, servicing all of Australia, G & T Chickens has grown into the nation’s leading manufacturer and supplier of quality hand cut chicken schnitzels and value-added chicken products.

B & E Foods

B&E Foods is a family-owned foodservice distributor. From a small chicken shop in Canley Vale to one of the biggest foodservice distributors in Australia – they started from humble beginnings. They understand the pains and pressures that business owners endure, and it is this understanding that helps them provide the quality service that aspiring owners need to grow their business.

How to choose the right poultry wholesalers in Melbourne

When it comes to choosing the best Melbourne poultry wholesaler for your venue, there are several considerations to factor in. First, think about your menu. Consider how many different poultry products you need and what kind of dishes you’ll be serving. You’ll also want to consider how much product your need and the kind of pricing you’re prepared to commit to.

Some Melbourne poultry suppliers focus on customer service, whereas others offer an expansive range, flexible service, or competitive pricing. Decide what’s important to your business and then find the best poultry suppliers in Melbourne to suit your needs.

Lucky for you, we created Foodbomb so venues don’t have to scour the web for hours or call supplier after supplier or submit endless enquiries. We’ve already vetted chicken suppliers in Melbourne and selected the best based on reliability, freshness, and customer service. Our platform gives you access to these suppliers (and any other food supplier, for that matter) at the click of a button.

We can help you find the best suppliers in the business

Whether you’re opening a new food service venue or you’re simply looking to try out a new supplier, our team of hospitality professionals can help you find the right supplies and products for your business. Book a call here to set your business up for success or simply create an account here to start ordering.


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