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First impressions really do matter, especially in such a fast-paced and competitive landscape as food service. Let’s face it; we live in a visual world. And, with the rise of food products being featured on social media, having “Instagram-worthy” coffee cups or environmentally-friendly straws is more important than ever. Not to mention the benefits that quality packaging can provide in terms of food storage and product consumption. That’s why we’ve searched high and low to bring you the best wholesale packaging suppliers in Sydney.


Read on to discover why packaging is so critical for food service venues today, and how you can find the best packaging suppliers in Sydney to suit your specific needs.

Why is packaging so important?

Put simply, packaging matters. Not only is it important for brand recognition and increasing brand awareness, as we’ve already mentioned, but the right packaging can help boost your sales, protect your products, and assist with product use. It can even help you maximise space in your venue. 

Packaging can make or break the customer experience. If your packaging looks cheap or falls apart, your product will be perceived poorly by your customers. After all, no one wants to sip a $28 cocktail from a soggy straw. On the other hand, high-quality packaging reflects better on the product inside, whether it’s a coffee or a packet of fresh pasta. 

Quality packaging can have a powerful impact on sales. It can even entice first-time customers to buy.


Ready to enhance your packaging? Let’s explore the top wholesale packaging suppliers in Sydney.

Our pick of the best packaging supplies in Sydney

There are an endless array of wholesale packaging suppliers in Sydney, but we’re careful about choosing only the best. We select all our suppliers based on quality, reliability and customer service. 

PAC Trading NSW

PAC Trading NSW is one of the biggest players in the packaging game in Australia, and they pride themselves on their customisable packaging solutions. With a wide range of products and endless options for customisation, they offer a range of wholesale packaging supplies in Sydney and beyond, making them a great choice for venues that need a packaging expert.

Anchor Packaging

Anchor Packaging are renowned for their huge range of packaging products, their excellent customer service and their focus on sustainability. They are committed to providing the information and resources to help you make informed, educated, and earth-conscious decisions for your business and your customers.


WholesalePak is a family owned distribution company serving thousands of packaging products over hundreds of categories. And while they have serviced major global brands their customer-centric approach will always ensure your business feels like number one.

We’re here to make things easier

At Foodbomb, our mission is to make life easy for business owners and venues, especially when supply and demand are unpredictable. That’s why we’ve already done the hard work for you. We select only the very best partners when it comes to wholesale food packaging supplies in Sydney. Using Foodbomb, you can place orders in a few clicks or easily find new suppliers in minutes.

Whether you’re opening a new venue or you’re simply looking to try a new supplier, our team of hospitality professionals can help you find the right products for your business. Book a call here to set your business up for success or simply create an account here to start browsing.


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