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Yes, you heard us correctly. You can now update your work wardrobe with Foodbomb. From aprons and hats to jackets and shoes - if you need something for your kitchen wardrobe then you should be able to find it while placing your daily fruit & veg order.

Chefs, cooks and kitchen staff can now get everyday chef clothing with Foodbomb supplier - Nisbets.

Chef jackets

Chef jackets really have been designed for any possible kitchen situation and now for any personal preferences. Whether you're after your standard white or the more popular black, chef jackets come in many styles to work for you.

With a double-breasted design, they can easily be reversed to hide stains. The material and design also ensure that it's protected from all the kitchen elements. With a double layer of cotton to protect your skin from heat and hot liquids; to knotted cloth buttons to withstand frequent washing - chef jackets are hardy attire and made to last.

Chef pants

Chef pants often have a checkered pattern - usually black and white - to help hide small stains. They’re usually made of cotton or polycotton–cotton blend, and can come in Teflon coated polycotton to rebel spillages and dangerous hot liquids for extra protection. They are designed for all-day comfort in the kitchen and easy laundering.

Chef hats and skull caps

The traditional chef hats, or Toque Blanche, have been worn by chefs since the 1500s. Today there is a variety of styles available which range including skull and baseball caps. Whilst some restaurants assign their cooks hats of different sizes to help distinguish rank within the kitchen, a lot of chefs select their hats based on comfort and personal preference. From caps and skull caps to hairnets and bandannas - you'll be able to find a wide range of hats for you and your kitchen team.


Aprons come in a range of styles and colours; from the traditional white bib aprons made of sturdy cotton or a cotton mix to the striped aprons known as butcher's aprons. Whilst it seems easier, and initially - cheaper, to buy domestic aprons for your staff - it is better for you to buy commercial-quality aprons for your hospitality venue. Check out Nisbet's Apron Buying Guide for more information.

Chef footwear

Chef footwear is super important - standing all day and spending hours on your feet every day - footwear is worth investing in. When buying professional chef shoes, whilst it is important that you find a pair that you like the look of, it is far more important that you find a pair that are comfortable and will be able to protect your feet from the hazards of the kitchen. Read Nisbet's Chef Shoes Buying Guide to ensure you consider all your options!

Buy all your chef clothing with Nisbets on Foodbomb today!


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