What Are The Best Plant Based Milks in Australia?

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Plant based milks are all the rage right now. Customers are constantly searching for the best plant based milk for a myriad of reasons, from environmental concerns to health reasons or simply due to their own taste preferences. 

Currently the plant based milk market represents about 10% of the overall “milk” category. And it’s growing fast. In fact, in Australia, plant based milk sales are growing by around 8% annually.

But what does this mean for the foodservice industry? It can be difficult to keep up with the trends and understand the best plant based milk brands that are premium quality, yet still affordable to stock. In this blog, we dive into why this trend isn’t slowing down. We’ll also show you the best plant based milk makers in Australia to stock. 

Why is Plant Based Milk So Popular?

People drink plant based milk for several reasons. Those concerned about animal welfare might drink it for ethical reasons, while an increasing number of Australians are making the switch because they’re concerned about the environmental impacts of dairy. It makes sense; studies show that a glass of dairy milk emits almost three times more greenhouse gas emissions than non-dairy alternatives.

Of course, alternative milks are a no-brainer for those who have dairy allergies or intolerances. Yet others simply prefer the taste of plant based milks or are looking for options that are lower in calories, such as almond milk.

What are the Different Kinds of Plant Based Milk?

So, with so many milk alternatives on offer, which is the best plant milk and why? Well, all plant based milks have different pros and cons. What you choose to stock will depend on your customers and why they’re choosing plant based in the first place.

Soy milk is high in protein, low in fat, and lower in carbs than dairy, making it a great dairy alternative for vegans and vegetarians who need a high-protein diet. 

Almond milk is low in calories and tastes great, making it a great choice for anyone watching their calorie consumption, however it doesn’t have as much protein as dairy or soy milk. 

Rice milk is high in carbohydrates but has more calories than skim milk. On the plus side, it’s great for people with allergies but it has a high environmental footprint.

Coconut milk tastes delicious and is more commonly used in smoothies, non-dairy ice creams, as well as desserts. It’s higher in saturated fats than skim milk and is lower in protein.

The popularity of oat milk is growing rapidly. In fact, in the US it has already taken over almond milk as the second most popular milk alternative. Oat milk is so popular because it has a naturally sweet taste and it’s the only milk to contain fibre, which can help lower cholesterol.

Some of these plant based milks do have a significant impact on the environment in terms of land-clearing and water consumption. So if that’s a concern for your business, it’s best to source Australian-made plant based milk, wherever possible.

What is the Best Plant Based Milk for Cafes and Foodservice Venues?

As a foodservice venue, it’s important to stay updated on all the latest food trends. This will ensure your venue is well-stocked with the products your customers are searching for. 

The best plant based milks for your venue to stock are the most popular, as these will be more likely to sell. At the moment, the most popular plant based milk in Australia is soy milk, followed by almond milk, rice milk, and coconut milk. That said, oat milk is also growing in popularity, especially for use in coffee, as it has a very similar taste to dairy milk.

As with anything, you need to consider your unique needs and think about your menu. For instance, coconut milk tastes delicious in smoothies, while almond and oat milk taste great in bircher muesli or other sweet breakfasts. Consider your menu carefully and decide what your requirements are. You can also monitor customer demand and see what customers are most frequently asking for.

Where Can I Order Plant Based Milks?

These days, plant based milks aren’t hard to find. But which is the best plant based milk maker at the best price? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. Local plant based milk makers may be more affordable and they also typically have a lower environmental impact. 

Vitasoy, So Good, and Pure Harvest are Australian-made and owned, and both manufacture high-quality plant based milk products. Bonsoy is another high-quality manufacturer, but their products are sourced from the US and Canada.

As with anything else within your business, finding the best plant based milks for your business will depend on a range of factors like price, customer preference and what you need the products for.

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