What’s the difference between all the plant-based milks?

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Plant-based milks have seen a rise in popularity with greater awareness of dairy’s carbon footprint and a growing understanding of lactose intolerances. Australian consumers are spoilt for choice and can now select from soy, almond, coconut, macadamia, oat and rice milks as a substitute. All of which are available on Foodbomb.

Learn more about some of these alternatives below.

Soy milk

The original plant-based milk and the most nutritionally balanced alternative, soy milk leads the charge as the most popular alternative to cow’s milk. It packs a lot into a small cup - rich in protein, low in sugar and containing fibre.

Almond milk

Made by grinding almonds, mixing them with water and filtering the mixture, almond milk is a great low calorie plant-based milk option. Whilst more watery than normal cow’s milk, almond milk is naturally high in vitamin E.

Macadamia milk

Macadamia milk is a relatively new milk to the market, with some of the best macadamia milk produced in Australia. It contains one third the calories, about half the fat of cow’s milk and is loaded with antioxidants.

Oat milk

Second to coconut milk, oat milk has a much lower environmental impact by using less water to produce. Oat milk has a mild, sweet flavour and while high in protein and fibre it is also high in calories and carbohydrates.

Looking to buy plant-based milks in bulk? Sign up for a free Foodbomb account to browse the large selection of plant-based milks and compare pricing.


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