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To ensure ordering on-the-go is straightforward and stress-free, we’ve made it super easy to use Foodbomb on your mobile device. Simply login to your Foodbomb account using your mobile browser to get started.

With our easy-to-use navigation bar at the bottom of your mobile screen, you can easily jump to:

  • Home - to browse featured suppliers, view your list of bookmarked suppliers and more
  • Specials - view all the daily specials that are available to you
  • Search - easily select the search icon to quickly look for a supplier or product
  • Orders - view your order history and re-order any of your previous orders
  • Favourites - view all your favourited products in your digital pantry

Narrow down your search faster

We know everyone searches for items differently which is why we give you a number of different ways to help you narrow down your search results without pulling out the laptop.

You can either type the item that you're looking for into our search bar, and narrow your search down by categories; OR just simply jump into our category menu from the main menu.

Once you've got a list of search results, you can further refine your search with our mobile filters. Narrow your search by supplier, price and even sub-categories, so that you're able to quickly find what you're looking for.

Adding to your favourites

We've also made it really easy for you to add items to your favourites. Go back through previous orders, or even your open cart, and add your popular products to your favourites.

You can continue to update your favourites and digital pantry on-the-go to make placing new orders quick and easy!

Mobile wholesale ordering is easy with Foodbomb


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