Introducing The Greatest Wholesale Bakeries in Melbourne

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There’s something unmistakably heart-warming about delicious baked goods. Whether it’s a generous slice of sourdough, mouth-watering sweet treats or a crunchy toasted sandwich, baked goods have the power to transform your menu and leave patrons so satisfied they’ll keep coming back for more.

So, whether you’re looking for artisan bread, par-baked goods, or tasty cakes, we’ve got all kinds of suppliers to meet your needs. Read on to discover the best wholesale bakeries in Melbourne, based on your needs.

The best wholesale bakeries in Melbourne

When you’re looking for wholesale bakery supplies in Melbourne, you need to consider a few different factors. Think about what kinds of baked goods you need and how much, where your suppliers are based, and what arrangement you’d like to set up with them.

Cakes and Baked Sweets

Want sugar, spice and everything nice? Cakes are a must for any café or restaurant. No time is a bad time for a sweet cake or pastry, and if your venue can serve a tasty treat when those sugar cravings hit you can capitalise on a golden opportunity to increase your average spend.

Mosaic Patisserie

Mosaic Patisserie specialises in irresistible handmade French pastries, macarons, muffins, tarts, and everything in between. This patisserie uses only the highest quality ingredients and caters to a premium market. Mosaic Patisserie does not use premixes or preservatives and focuses on achieving a mouth-watering flavour without excessive sweetness or heaviness.

Artisan Breads

Looking for a wholesale bakery in Melbourne that specialises in delicious handcrafted breads? We’ve got plenty of options for you.

Schwobs Swiss Bakery

For handmade loaves, rolls, breads, and pastries, Schwobs Swiss Bakery could be the answer to your baked goods dilemmas! Schwobs is a family-owned business that has been serving fresh bread in Australia for over 60 years. It offers artisan bread made by hand using only the best ingredients. The company is also passionate about sustainable packaging and offers first-class customer service.

Rustica Sourdough

Rustica Sourdough was established in 2012 and has quickly grown a reputation as being one of the best wholesale bakeries in Melbourne. This bakery-cafe prides itself on high-quality ingredients, freshness and sustainability. They offer everything from brioche buns to sourdough, as well as a range of sweet delights.


Let’s face it; everyone loves a burger. And the key ingredient for a tasty burger is a decadent bun. But not every wholesale bakery in Melbourne serves brioche buns. Here’s our pick.

Jurgens Bread

For a tasty burger bun, you can’t go past Jurgens Bread. Jurgens offer a range of specialist burger buns, like milk buns, brioche buns, charcoal buns… they even offer a vegan matcha roll!


Whether you’re creating a gourmet pressed sandwich, a hot jaffle or a back-to-basics toastie, sandwiches never go out of style. Discover options for wholesale bakeries in Melbourne for sandwich bread.

United Foodservice

A market-leading foodservice provider, United Foodservice has it all; baked goods, fruit and veg, meat, poultry, and more!

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