Sydney Rock versus Pacific Oysters

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Foodbomb seafood wholesale suppliers across both Sydney and Melbourne offer a selection of Oysters throughout the year. Like other fresh seafood, the origins of Oysters are highly dependent on seasonality. With Sydney Rock Oysters best between August and March; and Pacific Oyster peak season from April to September - August is the perfect time to enjoy both types!

When ordering Oysters for your venue's menu, you really need to consider the location that the oysters are coming from. Each region, no matter if they are Sydney Rock or Pacific Oysters, will create different flavour profiles.

So what is the difference between Sydney Rock Oysters and Pacific Oysters?

Differences Sydney Rock Oysters Pacific Oysters
Farming Differences Predominately farmed in shallow waters which means that the surrounding plant vegetation heavily influences the algae the oysters feed on. Pacific Oysters are farmed subtidally and they roll with the ocean! They do tend to grow much faster and also tend to have a more consistent quality.
Flavour Rich mineral flavours often with complex yet creamy vegetal notes. A fresh and more salty flavour profile.
Appearance Smaller in size and more yellowish in colour. Tend to be larger and plumper.

Can't wait to get some Oysters on your menu?

Foodbomb has a wide range of seafood suppliers that offer an amazing selection of seafood and oysters:


Are you after premium Royal Miyagi, South Australian or Tasmanian Pacific Oysters? Or alternatively some rich Sydney Oysters? Victorian venues can access all of these with our amazing Foodbomb suppliers. Check out Ocean Made Seafood, Sea Kings by Nationwide Seafood or Regal Seafoods.


From large plump Pacific Oysters from Smokey Bay, Bruny Island and Coffin Bay to delicate Sydney Rock Oysters from Merimbula, Pambula, Port Stephens and Wallis Lake, NSW venues are spoilt for choice! Check out Foodlink, Fishboy Seafood and M & G Seafood Wholesalers.


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