Pricing alcohol beverages for your restaurant

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When serving alcohol at your restaurant or cafe it's important that you do your maths and ensure that you're pricing your alcoholic drinks correctly. As a general rule you can use the following formula to calculate your drink pricing:

Drink Price ($) = Ingredient Cost ($) ÷ Target Pour Cost (%)

Most venues can make an average gross profit margin of 80% on the alcohol pour cost, however, it is important to consider other factors before you get too excited! In addition to determining what quality of alcohol you're going to serve and where you're going to bulk buy alcohol from - it's also important to account for the labour costs with mixing cocktails, garnish costs, glass breakage, rent, etc.

Do your research, are some Australian liquor suppliers cheaper for beers vs wines or spirits? Check out Sydney wholesale liquor suppliers and Melbourne alcohol wholesalers.

There are other considerations when pricing your alcoholic drinks, such as:

  • Competition - do other venues near you offer a similar drinks menu at a cheaper price? Are they running any limited time offers or specials that your customers would be interested in?
  • Demand - consider how popular some drinks are. Is this an indication that your drinks are under or overpriced?

Wholesale alcohol suppliers for your Sydney restaurant

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