Update: Seafood Shortages Winter 2022

Industry Insights

Aussies love their seafood - in fact, in the stomachs of Australian consumers, seafood slots in at number four, behind beef, pork and poultry but ahead of sheep and lamb. Scallops are a particularly popular option for seafood lovers and Queensland scallops are a favoured dish on restaurant menus around the world.

What will venues substitute scallop meat with?

Besides cheap substitutes such as frozen Peru Half Scallop, the most popular alternatives are likely to be imported scallop meat from either Japan, Canada or America which will then be placed within a scallop shell that can be purchased directly from seafood suppliers such as Ocean Made.

Consumers can expect to see a decline in local scallops and an increase in imported scallop meat, if not a decline in scallops on menus altogether.

What about the Hiramasa Kingfish?

The Hiramasa Kingfish was voted 'Best Fish' at the Australian Food Awards in 2016 and 2017; with some chefs even saying it rivals King George Whiting as their favourite South Australian fish but times are looking tough for venues serving this SA classic.

The Hiramasa Kingfish will be on order allocation for the next four months with seafood supplier, Ocean Made, sharing that their orders have dropped from 1000kg to 200kg, so “someone will have to miss out”.

This limited availability will mean that we can expect to see rising prices and sadly, fewer venues with Hiramasa on their menu for the rest of the year.

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