The Ultimate Guide to Buying Wholesale Seafood for your Restaurant

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Australians love their seafood. In fact, on average, Australians consume around 15 kilograms of seafood per person each year. Plus, this figure is on the rise, which is certainly going to keep seafood wholesale suppliers and foodservice venues on their toes!

Luckily, here in Australia, seafood is plentiful. Meaning that restaurants have access to a huge variety of fresh seafood sourced straight from our coastal waters. This, in turn, gives consumers access to all different varieties of fish and shellfish. Despite this, certain seafood varieties still tend to “trend” from year to year and supply can change with the seasons.

Why Add Seafood to Your Menu

It’s easy to see why consumers just can’t get enough seafood. Seafood contains essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, and minerals and has a seemingly endless string of health benefits. Not to mention it tastes great! Seafood is a versatile addition to almost any dish, allowing chefs to mix up their menus. From fried, Southern-style seafood varieties to seafood stews, or healthy grilled dishes with fresh and tangy citrus dressings, seafood never ceases to surprise.

The challenge for restaurateurs, however, is finding the freshest wholesale seafood available in their city, and all at the right price. Keep reading to get our tops tips on buying seafood and discover where you can find the freshest, tastiest wholesale seafood in your state just in time for summer.

Tips on Buying Wholesale Seafood 

Here’s how you can offer seafood options at your restaurant or café sustainably:

  • Before your start searching for wholesale seafood suppliers, consider the type of seafood you might need. Consumers expect that seafood on your menu may change according to seasonality, so they won’t mind if you mix up your menu every now and again
  • Try offering lesser-known varieties of seafood. This can be far more affordable than stocking popular consumer favourites like salmon, oysters, or barramundi. Underutilised species like mackerel, boarfish and ocean jacket are far more affordable
  • Opt for wholesale seafood suppliers with the freshest fish and shorter travel times
  • Pay attention to what your chosen wholesale seafood suppliers specialise in, as some have access to unique seafood varieties
  • Make sure your staff have the right tools and knowledge for storing and preparing seafood before you begin using it commercially
  • Consider using frozen seafood in-between seasons or as a backup option, should your chosen seafood wholesale suppliers fall into short supply
  • If you’re new to using seafood in your menu, start with just one or two seafood menu options and assess supply from there

The Best Wholesale Seafood in Sydney

At Foodbomb, we work with some of the leading wholesale seafood suppliers in Sydney. These suppliers stock everything from fresh prawns to frozen scallops, depending on your needs. Here are our favourites:

  • M & G Seafood Wholesalers; one of the leading seafood wholesalers on the Eastern coast of Australia, specialising in both fresh and frozen seafood.
  • Fishboy Food Service; a premium Sydney seafood supplier specialising providing sustainably sourced seafood
  • Foodlink Australia; the home of Sydney’s finest seasonal fresh and live seafood, backed by a team with extensive foodservice industry experience

Our Pick of the Best Wholesale Seafood in Melbourne

Ever wondered where Melbourne restaurateurs source such a wide range of seafood delights? Here are our favourite Melbourne wholesale seafood suppliers:

  • Ocean Made Seafood; offering high-quality fresh seafood to some of the finest restaurants in the state
  • Sea Kings by Nationwide Seafood; specialising in a range of both fresh and frozen seafood and utilising a range of sources to offer a wide variety of seafood supplies
  • Regal Seafoods; supplying high-quality seafood across Victoria

Foodbomb Can Help You Source Wholesale Seafood

It can be difficult to source fresh seafood regularly throughout the year, especially in such an uncertain climate when demand can be unpredictable. Foodbomb makes it super simple to source seafood from new or known suppliers. Simply log in or sign up today to shop the best local wholesale seafood suppliers on Foodbomb. 

The best part? If you’re new to Foodbomb you can create a free account today!


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