Your Guide to All the Different Cuts of Meat

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Nothing beats a succulent steak to round out your menu. But to get a tender meat dish you need to use the very best cuts of meat. High-quality cuts of meat are versatile and, most importantly, will keep your customers coming back for more!

If you’re trying to cut costs in the kitchen it can be tempting to sacrifice expensive meats for their more affordable counterparts. But how can you choose the best cuts of meat that suit your venue’s budget without compromising on quality? There’s nothing worse than a chewy steak or a meat dish that’s totally devoid of flavour.

You might be trying to reduce outgoings or trying to decide which meat will be best for a new dish you’re trying out. All the different cuts of meat available can be confusing, especially if your menu isn’t typically meat-heavy or your chef isn’t used to Australian meat variations. Either way, keep reading to discover the best cuts of meat to suit your menu.

What are the best cuts of meat on a cow?

The “best” cuts of meat might vary based on your customers. After all, some of your customers might want the best tasting cuts of meat, while others might simply want the leanest meats with the lowest number of calories. 

In Australia, the best cuts of meat for steak are typically the scotch fillet, the eye fillet, the sirloin (also known as porterhouse), and the rump steak. T-bone steaks and strip steaks (also known as the New York strip) are also popular.

What is the best cut of meat for a roast?

When choosing cuts of meat, you’ll need to think carefully about how the meat will be cooked and what dishes you’re trying to create. The meat quality required for soups and stews, for instance, is different to a steak or a delicious roast. 

The best cut of meat for a roast is typically beef short ribs, eye fillet (centre cut), sirloin roast, rump cap, eye of knuckle, scotch fillet roast, lade roast, rump roast, or a standing rib roast.

If you prefer chicken, opt for a whole roast chicken, wings, or drumsticks. For lamb, the best cuts for roasting are a lamb leg roast or mini roast, a forequarter rack, lamb rump (denuded), a loin roast, eye of short loin/backstrap, and lamb shoulder.

When it comes to pork, go for a pork loin, pork leg, pork belly, spare rib, shoulder, or tenderloin.

Which cuts of meat should I use for each dish?

The dishes you serve up on your menu should be unique to your foodservice venue. What works well for one restaurant or café may not work well for your customer base. Your menu may also vary depending on your chef, your price points, the style of your venue and even your cooking equipment. 

That said, the best cuts of meat for slow cooking are typically lamb shanks, lamb shoulder, blade steak, chuck steak, skirt steak or topside. You could also use corned silver beef.

If you’re barbecuing, you’ll want to use meats which aren’t too thick, such as beef fillet, chicken breast, fillets, or thighs, lamb cutlets or leg chops, or pork belly slices or spare rib chops. 

If you’re pan frying, the best cuts of meat are those that are thinner which can cook quickly on a high heat, such as stir fry strips or thin cuts of meat.

Consider your menu and decide on the cuts of meat you need. It’s up to you and your team to balance price with demand as well as the capabilities of your venue.

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