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With meat consumption reducing, more Australian’s wanting to eat clean and healthy, and the increasing popularity of both vegetarianism and veganism, there has been a growing demand for plant-based and vegan menu options. Restaurants, cafes, and pubs across the country are now planning specifically for these dietary requirements - with many foodservice venues offering multiple options for vegetarian and vegan customers.  

Whilst menu planning and planning for dietary requirements are part of the job, we know that the prep work required and the potential cross contamination for these specific menu items can be painful. We’ve been working to ensure you’ve got an extensive range of plant-based products to choose from, to help you save some time with both the menu planning and the additional prep work.

Check out our plant-based suppliers:

Wholesale vegan suppliers in Melbourne

  • Apennine Gourmet Foods - Apennine Gourmet Foods provide home cooked, Italian meals including a brand new vegan range including vegan Bolognese, Spicy Matriciana and Chili Non Carne.
  • Genobile Saba - From vegan mozzarella to delicious vegan spreads including chocolate/hazelnut and pistachio, Genobile Saba has your vegan cravings sorted.
  • Trialia Foods - Make Italian dishes accessible to your vegan customers with Trialia Foods' range of vegan products such as vegan pesto, bolognese and lasagna.
  • The Forage Company - Wholesale distributors for Oatly milk and frozen desserts, Pat and Stick’s oat milk ice creams.
  • Sealane Food Service - A full range of Almond, coconut, rice and soy milks, as well as Beyond Meat Beyond Burger Patties and vegan mayo
  • The Milk Guys - Melbourne’s go-to dairy wholesaler that also offers the full Milklab plant-based milks range
  • B&E Foods & Chefs Pantry - Specialty dry goods wholesalers offering a broad range of plant-based milks, vegan cheeses and mayonnaise

Plant-based wholesale supplier in Sydney

  • MMMore - A completely plant-based company that is determined to ensure you can eat fun, yummy snacks that are healthy for you too. MMMore’s range is completely raw but also seriously delicious. With Raw Lemon Chia Slices and Chocolate Power Cubes, you can easily add something sweet to your menu for your vegan or health-conscious customers.

In addition to this specialty plant-based supplier, Foodbomb also has a range of alternative Sydney wholesale suppliers that stock and distribute a range of plant-based milks and also meat alternatives.

  • Plateau Food Distributors - offer a range of almond, rice and soy milks, as well as vegan aioli and pesto
  • Better Food Distribution - Wholesale distributors for Oatly milks and frozen desserts
  • Dairy Solutions - Acai, Vegan feta cheese, coconut yoghurt & a wide range of plant-based milks: almond, coconut, macadamia, oat, rice and soy.
  • Foodlink - 100% Not Burger Vegan Patties and the full Milklab plant-based range!
  • Fishboy - Vegan burger patties, schnitzels, vegan cheeses, and of course, a wide range of plant-based milk options.

If you haven’t already - open a free account with Foodbomb today, you'll get access to a number of wholesale suppliers that offer a wide range of plant-based products. From dairy-free, plant-based milks and cheese to health snacks and ready made sauces; we’ll help take the stress out of keeping up with the demand for vegan menu items.


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