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Need a reliable fruit & vegetable supplier for your food business? Use Foodbomb to search and order from Wollongong's top wholesale food suppliers.


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You'll always find the right Fruit & Veg supplier for your restaurant or cafe on Foodbomb. All you need to do is create a free account and begin browsing all the suppliers available in your area. You'll find everything you need from Avocados to Zucchini flowers, we have every staple and the hard to find items you can't get outside of a marketplace like ours.

Foodbomb provides you with instant access to fruit & vegetable distributors throughout Wollongong. Convenience is key at Foodbomb, so we make it possible to easily and quickly search, compare and order from Wollongong fruit & veg suppliers online in seconds. Check reviews and get the whole picture so you can make the right decisions for your venue when sourcing fresh produce.

You're under no obligation to purchase, browse our suppliers for free and search around for the best deals.

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