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Best Wholesale Meat Suppliers in Sydney 2021

Cam Mercer

So you’re thinking of jumping ship to a new wholesale meat supplier and you want to know which one to run with. It can be tough to do the research to find out which one can really deliver on what you want for your venue and ultimately your end customer.

Fear not, the team here at Foodbomb have done the heavy lifting and compiled our list of the best meat suppliers in Sydney in 2021. How have we come to the conclusions we have? We’re not biased of course, we’re relying on what customers are saying about these top meat suppliers.

The suppliers that made the cut were: Meat Station, Dick Stone Meats, Mastercut Meats, Grange Food, Handlers Meats, Milly Hill Lamb and Chisholm Meats.

Without further ado, here is our list of the top meat suppliers in Sydney in 2021 (in no particular order). Scroll down to read more.

Meat Station

First off the ranks, Meat Station is a wholesale butcher based out of St Peters. Founded in 2019 by Norm Jabbour. A master butcher, Norm has amassed over 20 years of experience in the meat industry.

The team at Meat Station are experts in portion cutting, breaking, prepping, smallgoods, sausages and recently, breeding livestock.

Working with brands like Nolan, Bangalow, John Dee and New England Lamb, you can’t go wrong with Meat Station for quality.

Foodbomb customers rated Meat Station 4.7/5 based on 123 reviews, performing particularly well when it came to quality and delivery reliability.

Dick Stone Meats

Dick Stone Meats have been around on Foodbomb for a while and have consistently been singled out for delivering quality products to their customers. 

Based out of Regents Park, Dick Stone has been in the meat game for over 100 years. Spanning six generations, they are a family-owned operation that grew from a small butcher shop to a large wholesale meat distribution organisation.

With a state of the art processing and cold storage facility, that houses a boning room, portion control area, 900 pallet freezer and blast freeze area, you can be sure of a top of the line product. 

Foodbomb customers rated Dick Stone 4.6/5 based on product quality and price.

Mastercut Meats

Since their beginnings in 1986 operating out of Condell Park in NSW, Mastercut Meats have been known for specialising in supplying premium custom and portioned cut wholesale Meat to Sydney's Foodservice industry. 

Owner Gavin Kulper and the rest of the Mastercut team take special pride in using Australian producers and maintaining consistency throughout their Meat, Pork, Lamb, Poultry and small goods product range.

A 4th generation family-owned business, Mastercut is trusted by Sydney’s food industry to deliver premium meat to the top restaurants, hotels and chefs.

Foodbomb customers have rated Mastercut Meats 4.9/5, performing particularly well when it came to price and delivery reliability. 

Grange Food

Grange Food Services is a premium producer and distributor of Australia’s finest quality beef and veal products. Operating for over 10 years Australia-wide.

A producer of some of Australia’s finest quality beef and veal products, Grange is one of the largest suppliers of European Bred cattle in both the export and domestic markets.

Grange Food differs from their competitors in that they have total control of the animal from the paddock to your restaurant door.

Foodbomb customers rated Grange Food 4.5/5 based on 40 reviews, performing fairly strongly across the board in terms of quality, price, and reliability.

Handlers Meats

A mainstay of the wholesale meat scene in Sydney for over 50 years, Handlers Meats has a reputation as one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry. 

Family-owned and operated, Handlers have built their reputation on relationships, be that with major export abattoirs which allow them to source the best products at the best prices, or the countless clubs, restaurants, hotels, private hospitals and catering companies they distribute their product to. 

Handlers offer a wide range of fresh meat cuts. From budget lines to premium hand selected cuts. They offer both grain and grass fed meat as well as dry aged beef expertly prepare by our Master Butchers in our temperature and humidity controlled aging rooms

Foodbomb customers rated Handlers Meats 4.8/5, performing fairly strongly across the board in terms of quality, price, and reliability.

Milly Hill

Milly Hill Lamb, founded by Peter Strelitz and family-owned since 2007, is an Australian supplier that specialises in supplying premium quality wholesale free-range lamb to top restaurants throughout Greater Sydney and New South Wales.

In the years since it began, Milly Hill Lamb has built an outstanding reputation for their outstanding product. This was evident in their 2012 win of the Royal Agricultural Society's President's Medal, which is thought of in Australia as the highest produce accolade a supplier can receive.

Milly Hill Lamb lives and breathes a culture of quality - they aren't happy unless their lamb brand is the best and most consistent product that ends up in the kitchens of Australian restaurants.

Foodbomb customers rated Handlers Meats 4.8/5, performing strongly in terms of quality.

Chisholm Meats

Chisholm Meats is a family-operated wholesale meat company based locally in Sydney and are dedicated to providing top quality meats to restaurants, clubs, hotels, cafes and catering companies. They pride themselves in supplying grass-fed, grain-fed, aged and portion cut meats where the finest steaks are pre-cut to your requirements.

They can cater to all your needs in beef, veal, lamb, pork, poultry and small-goods. They also have extensive supplies of game meat and wagyu beef. Chisholm operates 6 days a week out of their HACCP certified and Safe Food NSW licensed facility.

With same day services and delivery to most parts of Sydney that guarantees the freshness of the steak you receive is first class.

Foodbomb customers rated Handlers Meats 4.8/5, being especially loved for their reliability in terms of delivery times and flexibility.

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